Headshot Tips and Tricks

Getting ready for headshot sessions can be stressful, so here are some tips and tricks to get you ready for your big day!

FTI consulting employee headshot

Make Up And Skincare

With headshots your expression is the star of the show, so it’s best to keep your make up natural. Here are some quick tips:

Avoid anything too heavy, bright or dark on the eyes, we want everyone to be looking at your face, not the style of make up! Absolutely no contouring, our lights take care of that naturally!

Foundation can be used, but keep it light. Too much can lead to cracks on the face and forehead, no one wants that!

Stick to lip gloss only, shiny lips look better in front of bright lights.

… also, if you want to have different looks grow some stubble and bring a shaving kit with you.

white bearded male in glasses


This applies to **everyone**

Hair looks better in images with a little volume, so give it a little lift before your session.

Bring a small kit with you of your usual hair styling products. Sometimes when we are changing shirts hair can go from awesome to messy!

If you plan to color your hair, best to give it a few days before the session. For the first couple of days the color can be intense, so give it a bit to become more natural.

If you are getting a haircut before your session give yourself at least 1 day (and a shower) before the session. Small and large cut hairs are stubborn and like to stick all over the face and head!

black media executive in blue shirt

What To Wear…?!?!

K.I.S.S – Keep It Super Simple!

As mentioned above, you are the star of the show, not your clothing, so keep it simple!

Patterns are a big no, they distract the eye in a headshot, which pulls away from your awesome expression!

Small jewelry is appropriate, but unless big earnings and necklaces are an integral part of your brand you might not like the look in your headshots.

Colors can be simple, neutral. Avoid bright shirts. But hey, if bright colors are you then by all means, let’s do it!!

Collars can be your best friend or enemy. Crisp collars look amazing in headshots, loose collars can give a much more casual look (sometimes even sloppy).

Bring LOTS of clothing options! We will have plenty of time, so having more options means we can try different combinations and give you lots of options. You can never have too much clothing!

Watch the video below to get a quick overview for what to wear.